The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. New York: American Bible Society, Instituted in the year MDCCCVI - 1881


Caleb W. WALKER and Annie M. LAYTON were married - September 1st 1880 in Bridgeville, Del. by the Rev. C. C. JONES

Robert Polk WALKER and Eva C. CHESSON were married January 18, 1910 at Church of the Advent, Roper, NC by Rev. Luther EBORN

Edgar Richard LATHAM and Annie Layton WALKER were married May 24, 1893

Robert Graham PEEBLES and Margaret Ross WALKER, daughter of Robert P. WALKER and Eva C. WALKER, were married July 18th, 1936. Suffolk, VA by Rev. H. TUCKER


Caleb W. WALKER(Son of Caleb L. WALKER and his wife Angelica) was born January 29, 1847 in Currituck County, NC

Annie M. WALKER (daughter of William H. LAYTON, and his wife Priscilla) was born February 6th, 1856 in Bridgeville, Delaware.

Robert Polk WALKER (Son of Caleb W. WALKER, and his wife Annie) was born June 13th, 1881 in Plymouth, NC

Margaret Ross WALKER (Daughter of Robert Polk WALKER and his wife, Eva Chesson WALKER) was born May 1st, 1911 in Plymouth, NC.

Edgar R. LATHAM Plymouth December 6, 1844

Harry W. LATHAM Plymouth August 11, 1895 Sunday 3 1/2 a.m.


Caleb W. WALKER Wednesday Morning Aug. 21, 1889

Edgar R. Latham Plymouth Sept 10, 1895 Tuesday 9 1/2 a.m. Robert Polk WALKER, son of Caleb W. WALKER and Annie Layton WALKER, died July 21st, 1952

Robert Graham PEEBLES died January 29, 1959, at home in Falls Church, VA.

Eva Chesson WALKER, wife of Robert Polk WALKER, died August 12, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia

Margaret Ross Walker PEEBLES, wife of Robert Graham PEEBLES, Sr., died November 23, 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia


Translated and submitted by Candy Peebles


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