Henry Allen WALKER Bible

Walker-Henry Allen-born December 16, 1860, Sedalia, MO

Walker-Sarah Jane Powell-born December 16, 1860, Georgetown near Seladia, Pettis County, MO

Walker-James William Jr.-born October 21, 1870, Georgetown, Pettis County, MO

Walker-Frank Thomas-born 1859, Georgetown, Pettis County, MO

Walker-Sarah Emma (Sally) born 1865, Georgetown, Pettis County, MO

Walker-Francis Jackson Carter-Dr.-born December 5, 1826, Pettis County, MO

Walker-James Allen-born July 12, 1868, Marshall, MO

Walker-James William-born January 21, 1829, Pettis County, MO

Walker-Charles L-born 1870, Pettis County, MO

Walker-Margaret (Maggie) McMahon-born 1872, Hemdon, MO

Walker-Katherine McMahon-born 1876, Hemdon, MO *Family Bible

Walker-Nellie Boatright-born 1875 Hemdon, MO


Documentation: Family Records, Family History, Bible, Land Records, Documents from Saline and Pettis County Court Houses Donated by: Diana Deats-O'Reilly


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