Joseph WALKER Bible

The Following is information recorded in a Walker Family Bible. This Bible was originally presented by Joseph Walker to his bride, Elizabeth Klona Walker. The marriage was preformed in York, Nebraska in 1872. The copyright on the bible is 1877, so the entries were probably made beginning at that time.

(Note: I have found some online Nebraska records which suggest Elizabeth's maiden name may be spelled "Klone").

I am now in possession of this bible. If you have an interest in corresponding about this information, please feel free to e-mail me: Susan (Walker) Jackson,

The Family records section begins with a page with the following inscription:


This certifies that "Mr. Joseph Walker and Miss Elizabeth Klona" were solemnly united by me in the Holybond of Matrimony at "S. W. Pettis" the "Eighteenth" day of "July" in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Eight Hundred and "72" conformably to the Ordinance of God, and The Laws of the State In presence of "John Walker," "Hattie Dilley." Signed: "S. W. Pettis" "York, Nebraska"

(Note: items in quotation were written by hand on the page)

The following pages include various information:


Ida May Walker and James Dennis Bergin were married April 17, 1895

William Walker and Katherine C Briggs were married April 18, 1899

Edward Walker and Ethel McGinley were married 1909 (Note: Edward and Ethel Walker were my paternal grandparents, the entries on the page appear to be written by the same individual. The handwriting is different from that which appears in the opening message)


Joseph Walker was born August the 18, 1849

Elizabeth Walker was born March the 18, 1855

Ida May Walker was born April the 8, 1873

William Walker was born March the 13, 1875

Brunson Walker was born June the 8, 1878

Ambrose Walker was born January the 3, 1880

Edward Walker was born January the 14, 1882

Archie Walker was born July the 1, 1901

Roy B. Walker was born October 23, 1915

(Note: the last three entries appear in different ink and handwriting from the previous entries on this page and do resemble the entries on the marriage page)


Brunson Walker died April 8th, 1907

Robert Walker died December 26, 1920

Joseph Walker died July 4, 1926

Elizabeth Walker died August 18, 1930

(Note: these entries appear to be made by the same individuals and are similar to the writing in the original certification and the first birth entries)


Mr. James Dennis Bergin 1868

Mrs. Ida May Bergin 1873

Mr. William Joseph Bergin 1896

Mrs. Golda Mae Nielsen 1897

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Watson 1898

Mrs. Ethel Viola Vansickle 1900

Mr. Edward Lee Bergin 1907

Mrs. Opal lBelle Ring Lutz Shelley Ross 1906

Miss May Idan Bergin 1909

Mr. Thomas Brunson Bergin 1909

Mabel Alma Bergin 1912

(Note: these entries are written in pencil in writing that does not resemble any of the other writing in any of the records)

These are the only entries found in this Bible. I can only add some limited information form my own personal knowledge. My father, Raymond Eugene Walker, was the son of Edward and Ethel Walker. He was born January 27, and died April 22, 1991.

Edward and Ethel also had other children. To the best of my recollection, their names were:

Ida Mae Francis (Walker)

Ruth (Walker) married name unknown

Joseph Walker

John F. Walker


I believe all children were born in York County, Nebraska.

This Bible was among my father's possessions at the time of his death. He was the last in his immediate family to pass on. I am very interested in hearing from descendents of this Walker line or those who are acquainted with them.

Submitted by Susan Jackson,, MAR 1999


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