William Thomas WALKER Bible

From Salt Lake Film #893732, from Bible in possession of Mrs. Albert Roy Tiffany of Eugene, OR at time of filming.

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William Thomas WALKER, son of William and Mary Ann (LOVE) WALKER, was married to Ardelia ZUMWALT, 16 Feb 1855. [Lane Co. OR]

Margaret Narcissa WALKER, daughter of William and Mary (SHIELDS) WALKER [2nd wife] was married to Andrew J[ackson] ZUMWALT on the 15th of February, 1855. [Lane Co. OR]

William WALKER and Mary Ann LOVE married Oct 5, 1820 [Knox Co. TN]

William WALKER and Mary SHIELDS married Jan. 26, 1832 [McMinn Co., TN]

Hugh, son of William and Mary (LOVE) WALKER married to Mary Jane, daughter of Robert S. and Amanda REID on the 26th of October, 1843.

Mary Jane, daughter of William and Mary WALKER was married to William D. son of Jan RENSHAW, Feb. 13, 1845 [Greene Co. MO]

William WALKER was born April 11, 1800 [Knox Co. TN]

Mary Ann LOVE was born July 4, 1803 [Knox Co. TN]

Mary SHIELDS was born Aug. 30, 1806 [Blount Co. TN]

Hugh Marion [WALKER] born Jan 2, 1823 [Knox Co. TN]

John Love [WALKER] born Dec 16, 1824 [Knox Co. TN]

Matthew Eagleton [WALKER] born Aug 29, 1826 [TN]

Mary Jane [WALKER] born June 22, 1828 [TN]

William Thomas [WALKER] born Dec 23, 1830 [TN]

Eliza Ann [WALKER] born FEb 4, 1835 [Murray Co. GA]

Margaret Narcissa [WALKER] born Feb 12th, 1837 [GA]

Matthew E. WALKER, son of William and Mary [LOVE] WALKER was married to Rebecca, daughter of John and Margaret STOWELL, 6th of Jan. 1849 [Greene Co. MO]

Eliza Ann, daughter of William and Mary [SHIELDS] WALKER was married to Rev. Robert ROBE of Ohio, 18 July 1856 [Lane Co. OR; actual wedding year was 1854]

Mary Ann [LOVE] WALKER departed this life Feb 6 1831 aged 27 yrs. 7 mo. 2 d. [Knox Co. TN]

John L. WALKER died Jan 6, 1827, aged 2 yrs. 20 d. [Knox Co. TN]

Tryphena Malderene [WALKER] died Sept 5, 1865, aged 1 yr. 10m. 10d. [Lane Co. OR]

Margaret V. ZUMWALT died Nov. 7, 1873 [Lane Co. OR]

William WALKER died Dec 28, 1881, aged 81 yrs, 8 mo, 17 d. [Lane Co. OR]

Mary WALKER died June 10th 1882, aged 76 yrs, 2 mo. 20 d. [Lane Co., OR]

Andrew J. ZUMWALT died Jan 2, 1915, aged 81 years [Lane Co., OR]

Nancy Amelia [WALKER] born Dec 12, 1839 [TN]

Martha Carlene [WALKER] born Nov 3, 1841 [TN]

Albert Shields [WALKER] born Jan 1, 1846 [Greene Co. MO]

Tryphena Lucina Malderene [WALKER] born 17 April 1850 [Greene Co. MO]

Amanda Emeline WALKER married Jedediah WHEELER 12 May 1859 [Lane Co. OR]

Nancy Amelia WALKER married James GALLOWAY 4th of October 1860 [Lane Co OR]

Martha Carlene married William WINTER May 2, 1861 [Lane Co. OR]

Albert Shields WALKER married Sarah Lizzie HIGGINS June 18, 1868 [Lane Co. OR]

Tryphene L. married Wm. TIFFANY July 2, 1879 [Lane Co. OR]

Albert Roy TIFFANY was born May 12, 1880 [Lane Co. OR]

Maggie Typhenia TIFFANY born June 26, 1881 [Lane Co. OR]

Mabel Adda TIFFANY born Nov 25, 1883 [Lane Co. OR]

Grace Isabelle TIFFANY born Nov 30, 1890 [Lane Co. OR]

[Paper in this Bible, loose] ages, children of W.D. and M.J. RENSHAW, written for their grandfather, Wm. WALKER

Milton Theodore, born Oct 29, 1847 [Greene Co. MO]

William Moses born Nov 7, 1850 [Greene Co. MO]

Hugh Addison born Nov 11, 1852 [Greene Co. MO]

Mary Julia born May 31, 1855--died March 17, 1858 [Lane Co. OR]

Robert Eagleston born April 22, 1857 [Lane Co. OR]

Samuel Trenaens (?) born Jan 10, 1860 (second name almost illegible)

Elmer Leonades born March 22, 1862 [Lane Co. OR]

Sarah Lethe born Marcy 2, 1865 [Lane Co. OR]

Hattie Amanda born Aug 8, 1868 [Lane Co. OR]


[Signed] May J. RENSHAW


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