Charlie Monroe WALKER Biography

Monroe Walker Family
Picture: circa 1913


Left: is the Charlie Monroe WALKER Family. Josie A. Faulkner-WALKER was born 20 Jan 1893, Hot Sprs. Co. AR. Daughter of Eleanora N. Faulkner-WALKER and Joseph WALKER. Charlie Monroe, seated, was born 30 Mar 1889 also in H.S. Co. AR. Charlie was the youngest son of Hannah E. McClard-WALKER and Joseph WALKER. Jodie Monroe WALKER, born 12 Sep. 1908 in Wade, OK., standing at his father's knee.


Right: is the Ollie Hutchison Family. Matilda WALKER-Hutchison, born 1880, Hot Sprs. Co. AR, (older sister to Charlie Monroe). Ollie Hutchison sitting, was born about 1880 in Oklahoma and their second son, Freddie born in 1908.


Submitted by: Warren Neal WALKER, son of O'Neal David WALKER, who is the 2nd son of Josie Adrene Faulkner-WALKER and Charlie Monroe WALKER.


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