Illinois WALKER Burials

A. Pvt. Barbieresal nbd Captured 29 Sep 1864 died 11 Jan 1865 of Typhoid and Malaria Illinois, Alton Prison
Amanda Jane Evans 18 May 1825 17 Dec 1881 Pike Co., Bethel
Daniel J Pvt, Ark Calv nbd died 12 Apr 1845 Illinois, Rock Island Prison
Edward Wilson 23 Feb 1851 21 Aug 1920 Springfield, Sangamon/Roy Brunc Cemetery
George, Pvt Jenkins AL nbd captured 26 Nov 1862 died 17 Mar 1863 of Pneumonia Illinois, Alton Prison
James Wilson 5 Sep 1898 9 May 1981 Divernon, Sangamon /Brush Creek Cemetery
Mary Eillen 21 Feb 1923 5 May 1923 Divernon, Sangamon /Brush Creek Cemetery
Robert Jennings 28 Dec 1819 27 may 1918 Pike Co., Bethel
W. H. nbd ndd Illinois, Chicago, Oakwood
William Pvt, MO State Guard Unassigned Recruit nbd captured 4 Aug 1864 died 1 Dec 1864 Pneumonia Illinois, Alton Prison
William S. 1848/49 Aug 1923 Springfield, Sangamon/Oak Ridge
Frederick Mitchell Walker Mar 21, 1884 Feb 1, 1958 Oak Park IL, Ashes Scattered
Ransom Edward Walker Jan 20, 1873 Jul 8, 1941 Oakland Cem, Chicago IL
Civil War Cemeteries, was compiled by JAMES E. WALKER, in March 1999. The Cemetery listings were submitted by Jim Walker.
Bethel Cemetery, Pike Co, IL compiled by JAMES E. WALKER, in March 1999. The Cemetery listings were submitted by Wilma Vaughn Mar 1999.
Sangamon County submissions by James A. Walker DEC 1998.
Oak Park and Oakland researched & complied by Blake Mitchell Walker with assistance from Leona Walker Coombs & Margaret Walker Fuller @September 1995. submitted by Harriet L Walker Karow


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