Benzie County WALKER Census Data

WALKER Census Data
1860 Census Benzie, Michigan
No Walkers on the 1860 Census for Benzie, Michigan
1870 Census Platte, Benzie, Michigan
Alpheus 34 Male Shoemaker 600 -- MI
Alice 34 Female NY
Mary 7 Female MI
1870 Census Crystal Lake, Benzie, Michigan
Bernard 40 Male Works in Iron Works BEL
1870 Census Benzonia, Benzie, Michigan
James B. 64 Male Minister of the Gospel 42000 1600 PA
Rebecca H. 62 Female MA
James B. 7 Male OH
1870 Census Benzonia, Benzie, Michigan
Theodore 31 Male Teaching Music 1500 600 MI
Mary P. 21 Female IL
Emma L. 18 Female OH
The Michigan census information was submitted by W.R. Walker.
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