Tuscola County WALKER Census Data

WALKER Census Data
1860 Census Juaniata, Tuscola, Michigan
Brazill 10 Male OH **Lived with Ralph & Charlotte Johnson
1870 Census Gilford, Tuscola, Michigan
Alva 11 Female MI **Lived with Nathan & Mary Carlson
1870 Census Watrousville & Juaniata, Tuscola, Michigan
Brazil R. 20 Male Laborer 150 -- OH **Worked for Richard Burtis
1870 Census Akron, Tuscola, Michigan
Elihu S. 34 Male Farmer 1000 310 NY
Caroline 31 Female NY
Emma 11 Female MI
Jennie 7 Female MI
Anna M. 3 Female MI
1870 Census Dayton, Tuscola, Michigan
James 24 Male Farmer 2000 300 NBRUN
Elizabeth 10 Female CAN
1870 Census Millington, Tuscola, Michigan
William 23 Male Farm Laborer IRE **Worked for Andrew McMillen
The Michigan census information was submitted by W.R. Walker.
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