Van Buren County WALKER Census Data

WALKER Census Data
1860 Census Bloomingdale, Van Buren, Michigan
Abson 29 Male Laborer -- 100 VT
Salina 19 Female NY
Sylvia A. 7/12 Female MI
1860 Census Almena, Van Buren, Michigan
Alexander 30 Male Farmer 500 150 SCO
Ellen 30 Female SCO
1860 Census Decatur, Van Buren, Michigan
Clara A. 3 Female TX **Lived with John & Margaret Goodson
1860 Census Keeler, Van Buren, Michigan
Otis 24 Male Farm Laborer NY **Worked for Daniel Scott
1870 Census Decatur, Van Buren, Michigan
Chas. 40 Male Pedler NY
Hannah 32 Female OH
Annie 8 Female MI
Mary 6 Female MI
Chas. Jr 3 Male MI
1870 Census Hartford, Van Buren, Michigan
Eli J. 40 Male Works on Farm -- 1400 OH
Maria B. 40 Female OH
Mary 15 Female OH
Emma T. 12 Female OH
Lewis P. 8 Male OH
Ruth E. 6 Female OH
1870 Census Paw Paw, Van Buren, Michigan
Jno. H. 44 Male Carpenter 5600 900 NY
Juliette R. 37 Female PA
Frank A. 17 Male Farm laborer PA
Geo. H. 14 Male PA
Carrie E. 9 Female PA
Samuel N. 7 Male PA
Willie 2 Male MI
1870 Census Pinegrove, Van Buren, Michigan
Lendorf 23 Male Farmer 500 509 NY **Lived with Orvin Masters
1870 Census South Haven, Van Buren, Michigan
Lois 25 Female Domestic Servant NY **Worked for Jerome Hale
The Michigan census information was submitted by W.R. Walker.
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