Mason County WALKER Census

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WALKER Census Data
1900 Census Sherman, Mason, Michigan
Charles Boarder Male Jan 1875 25 CAN SCO CAN Physician **Lived with Frederick Ruk
1900 Census 3-WD Ludington, Mason, Michigan
Emma Head Female May 1858 42 Widow Children: 5 Living: 3 MI DEN DEN
Ida Dau Female Mar 1880 20 IA MI MI Dressmaker
Jesse Son Male May 1881 19 IA MI MI Broommaker
1900 Census Eden, Mason, Michigan
John Head Male Jun 1850 49 Marr: 18 yrs VA VA VA Farmer
Ellen Wife Female Dec 1864 35 Marr: 18 yrs Children: 5 Living: 2 NY NY NY
Earl Son Male Aug 1885 14 MI
Grace Dau Female Dec 1889 10 MI
1900 Census Freesoil, Mason, Michigan
Orin S. Head Male Oct 1857 42 Marr: 14 yrs MI CAN MI Farmer
Hettie Wife Female Feb 1868 32 Marr: 14 yrs Children: 6 Living: 5 PA PA PA
Elizabeth Dau Female Apr 1887 13 MI
(?) E. Son Male Jun 1889 10 MI
Margie M. Dau Female Feb 1893 7 MI
John C. Son Male Oct 1894 5 MI
(?) Dau Female Aug 1898 1 MI
1910 Census 2-WD Ludington, Mason, Michigan
Adeline Roomer Female 30 CAN CAN CAN Bookkeeper Office **Lived with Henry Haskell
1910 Census 5-WD Ludington, Mason, Michigan
George C. Head Male 26 Marr: 1 yr MI NY NY Builder
Mary A. Wife Female 25 Marr: 1 yr Children: 0 MI MI CAN
1910 Census 1-WD Ludington, Mason, Michigan
John E. Head Male 69 Marr: 42 yrs OH NY NY Hotel & Boarding Proprietor
Bessie Wife Female 57 Marr: 40 yrs Children: 7 Living: 4 ENG ENG ENG Imm: 1857
Andrew, (Herger?) GrandS Male 12 MI MI MI
1910 Census Freesoil, Mason, Michigan
Orin S. Head Male 52 Marr: Twice, 2nd (?) yrs MI -- MI Farmer
Hetty Wife Female 42 Marr: 24 yrs Children: 11 Living: 8 PA PA PA
Maggie Dau Female 17 MI
Florence Dau Female 11 MI
Henry Son Male 9 MI
Hazel Dau Female 5 MI
Herbert Son Male 3 MI
Richard Son Male 1/12 MI
1920 Census Freesoil, Mason, Michigan
Hattie B. Head Female 52 Widow PA PA PA
Hazel I. Dau Female 14 MI
Herbert F. Son Male 12 MI
Richard Son Male 9 MI
Ruby F. Dau Female -- MI
Bernice O. Dau Female 7 MI
1920 Census Summit, Mason, Michigan
J.L. Boarder Male 40 NY NY NY Teacher Public School **Lived with Alice Benedict
1920 Census Custer, Mason, Michigan
Jay P. Head Male 36 MI MI MI Farmer
May L. Wife Female 35 MI -- --
Ronald Son Male -- MI
Jessie Dau Female -- MI
Lila Dau Female -- MI
Nellie Dau Female -- MI
Alda Dau Female -- MI
1920 Census Freesoil, Mason, Michigan
Louis Head Male 40 MI MI MI Railroad Sectionman
Susan Wife Female 31 MI MI MI
Viola Dau Female 10 MI
Peter Son Male 7 MI
Lillian Dau Female 5/12 MI
1920 Census 4-WD Ludington, Mason, Michigan
Ray Boarder Male 20 OH OH OH **Lived with Obadiah Mummy
Theodore Boarder Male 38 OH OH OH **Lived with Obadiah Mummy
1920 Census 4-WD Ludington, Mason, Michigan
Viola Sister Female 5 MI MI MI **Lived with Margaret Martin
The Michigan census information was submitted by W.R. Walker.
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