West Virginia WALKER Deaths

Harold S. Mason 13th February 1951 1871
Minnie Nicholas 2nd June 1900 no number
Roscoe H Kanawha 23rd Apr 1964 005204
Valeria Webster 6th July 1900 no number
Ballengee, Martha Jane Kanawha 3rd May 1925 86y 2m 5d Senility (Joel Walker)
Felix Kanawha 26th December 1861 28y Fever - (parents unknown Walker)
M. L. (male) Kanawha 10th October 1867 29y 11m 25d Inhaling Dampness (A.G. & Mary)
Julian Kanawha 15th November 1872 5y 4m Measles (A. & H. F.)
Hennah Kanawha 28th February 1877 23y 7m Consumption - (Jessie & Louis Jordan)
Walker, (female) Kanawha December 1878 1m Croup (William & J)
A. G. (male) Kanawha February 1879 75y 5m Bladder Disease - (Jno & Lucy)
E. (male) Kanawha 4th January 1880 Consumption (J. & N.)
M. (female) Kanawha 11th September 1881 5y Fever (P. W. & T.)
L. E. (male) Kanawha 28th November 1884 2y Pneumonia (M. F. & Mary)
S. E. (female) Kanawha 3rd December 1884 9y Lang Fever (M. F. & Mary)
Edgar Kanawha 19th September 1884 2y Dropsy (C. N. & Susan)
Susan Kanawha 4th July 1886 30y Consumption - (John Baxter-Father)
Caroline Kanawha 19th May 1890 74y (Unknown) - (S. & Sarah Caldwell)
Albert Kanawha 1st August 1890 1m 2d (Unknown) (Chas & M.)
Mary E. Kanawha 16th July 1890 4m Fever (Geo & Susan)
William Kanawha 12th July 1893 2y 1m Measles (Dosia-mother)
Susan Kanawha 1894 61y Consumption
Walker, (female) Kanawha 30th August 1912 Stillborn - A. W. Walker-informant
Sylvanus Kanawha 11th August 1941 83y 3m 15d Cerebral Hemorrhage (Joel Walker & Lucy Fivel) (Lucy Fuel/Fewell)
Leslie Kanawha 13th July 1913 19y Tuberculosis
Leslie Kanawha 16th July 1913 18y 11m 7d Tuberculosis
Alex A. Kanawha 6th October 1913 78y Paralysis
C. H. (male) Kanawha 26th August 1914 52y Heart Failure
Chas Kanawha 27th August 1914 52y Complications
Reusford Kanawha 29th July 1914 2y Cholera Infantum - (Brownie-informant)
Pearl Kanawha 12th May 1914 19y Pul Tuberculosis - (W. C. Walker-informant)
Olivia Kanawha 8th October 1914 34y Consumption
Lucy Kanawha 11th October 1915 78y Myocaditis
Goldie Kanawha 12th February 1915 Unknown
Harriet Kanawha 26th December 1915 82y Diabetes
Walker, (infant) Kanawha 21st February 1916 Stillborn
Lewis Kanawha 25th January 1917 55y Pernicious Anemia
Walker, (male) Kanawha 10th July 1917 Premature Birth (Selby-Father)
Roy Kanawha 15th February 1918 1y 4m Whooping Cough - (James S. - Father)
Glennia Kanawha 22nd May 1918 4y 10m 3d Whooping Cough - (James-Father)
Hazel Kanawha 4th July 1918 20y 9m 23d Typhoid Fever (John-Father)
Wilson Kanawha 25th May 1918 1d Unknown
Lawrence Kanawha 6th September 1918 6y 1m Heart
Martha Kanawha 18th April 1920 Strangulation at birth - (Morris-Father)
Travis Harrison County July 1869 Book #1
William Harrison County 25th June 1876 1:83
Russell Brook Harrison County 29th March 1922 6:233
Delia May Stevens Harrison County 24th September 1976 (wfo/ Russell Brook Walker)
Lewis Marshall Nicholas County 16th June 1945 #10835
Mary Ann Walker Eastman - m-Reubin S. Eastman, Minnesota Hennepin County 30th May 1921 #10310
Webster, Nicolas, Mason and Kanawha County submissions by Cathy walker-Brubaker, dennis@newwave.net FEB 1999, MAR 2000
Harrison, Hennepin County submissions by lttapmusic@aol.com MAR 2000


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