WALKER Surnames G

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Garaghty, Peter (-)
Gardner, Edna Marie (-)
Gaston, Clara (-)
Gibbs, Pascal A. (-)
Gibson, Thomas (-)
Ginnett, Gwendolyn Sue (-)
Gleason, Mr. (-)
Goddard, Harry L (-19 JUN 1987)
Goddard, Stephan (--living--)
Goddard, Stewart (--living--)
Greenley, Gertrude (28 AUG 1890-DEC 1969)
Greenley, Lloyd (-)
Greenley, Margrett (-)
Greenley, Mel (-)
Greenley, William H (-)
Griffith, Elizabeth (19 NOV 1759-MAY 1854)
Griffith, George (-)
Grubb, Sarah (-)

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