Elverton P. WALKER Surnames B

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Backhouse, Rebecca Jane (-)
Bailes, Susan (-)
Baxter, Susan (-)
Beaver, Edward (-)
Belcher, Rachel (ABT. 1845-1895-1900)
Belcher, Rachel (-)
Bird, Virginia (-)
Bird, Willard E. (-)
Boggs, Bobbiy (-)
Boggs, Kara (-)
Boggs, Mary Jane (1845-)
Boggs, Mary Jane (ABT. 1828-27 Aug 1884)
Brown, Fay (-)
Burdette, Henry Lovell (14 Feb 1900-8 Apr 1968)
Burdette, William A. (18 Apr 1903-Apr 1982)
Butler, Justine Marie (--living--)

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