Elverton P. WALKER Surnames S

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Saxton, Alice Lorena (3 Jul 1899-11 Aug 1961)
Saxton, Nora Evelyn (4 Jul 1901-)
Sigmon, Mary Lammone (ABT. 1832-1889-1900)
Sizemore, Basil E. (1887-)
Sizemore, Jesse John (1838-1927)
Sizemore, John Alexander (1865-1944)
Sizemore, Lutie (1883-)
Sizemore, Lydia (1868-1951)
Sizemore, Martha Jane (1879-1949)
Sizemore, Mary Adeline (1871-1899)
Sizemore, Samatha (1874-)
Sizemore, Susan (3 May 1832-23 Jul 1894)
Sizemore, Virgie Maud (1891-1931)
Sizemore, William Sheridan (1876-1960)
Stone, Emily A. (-)
Strickland, Elbert (--living--)

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