Thomas WALKER, Sr. Surnames O

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O'Bryant, Melissa Leann (--living--)
O'Bryant, Oliver (-)
O'Bryant, Wesley Dean (--living--)
O'Kelley, Mary D. (-)
O'Neal, John Townsen (18 SEP 1907-23 JAN 1981)
O'Neal, Margaret Catherine (-)
O'Neal, Ona (ABT 1876-)
Oliver, Joseph Lorent (-)
Olson, Louise Christy (-)
Olson, Raymond Andrew (-)
Ordiway, Misty Dawn (-)
Ordiway, Raymond (-)
Osborn, Armilda (-)
Osborn, Charles H. W. (-)
Osborn, Cynthia A. (-)
Osborn, Edmund Rev. (6 NOV 1818-18 APR 1876)
Osborn, Harrison W. (-)
Osborn, Martha Ann (-)
Osborn, Urban Walker (-)
Osborn, Walter Raleigh (-)
Owens, Caitlin Susanne (--living--)
Owens, David William (--living--)
Owens, Doris La Juan (--living--)
Owens, Everett Anthony (11 MAY 1905-9 JAN 1977)
Owens, Everett William (--living--)
Owens, Robin Noel (--living--)
Owens, Sandra Lynn (22 MAR 1958-17 OCT 1986)

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