WALKER Surnames H

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Hance, Ida Mae (-)
Harder, Glen (-)
Hardy, Cynthia Ann (-)
Hardy, Donna Renee (-)
Hardy, Karen Joyce (--living--)
Hardy, Mamie Jean (--living--)
Hardy, Roy Alan (--living--)
Hardy, Sherry Lynn (-)
Hardy, Virginia Ruth (--living--)
Hardy, Walter Lester , Jr (--living--)
Hardy, Walter Lester (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Harle, Suzannah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Higginbotham, James G. (-)
Hirst, Amanda Alyse (--living--)
Hirst, Daniel David (--living--)
Hirst, Robert Eugene (25 MAR 1930-29 JUN 1980)
Hirst, Valarie Renea (--living--)
Hobbs, Eva Ray (-)
Howle, Charlene (-)
Howsen, William Earnist (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Huddleston, Aubrey (-)
Huddleston, Aubrey Dale (--living--)
Huddleston, Ed (-1964)
Huddleston, Harlan M. C. (--living--)
Huddleston, Leonard (-)
Huddleston, Mary Evelena (--living--)
Huddleston, Mildrid (-)
Huddleston, Opal Pearline (--living--)
Huddleston, Robert Herman (3 DEC 1888-23 AUG 1955)
Huddleston, Robert Marvin (--living--)
Huddleston, Sally (-)
Huddleston, Viola Ernestine (--living--)
Hughes, Fern Odetta (-)
Hunter, Carol (-)

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