WALKER Surnames S

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Sanders, Oscar L. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Savage, James (30 OCT 1818-23 DEC 1935)
Sawyer, Cal (-)
Scott, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Kathleen Ann Marie (-)
Shackleford, Jake (-)
Shamblin, Prior B (-)
Sherwood, Darlain (-)
Slaton, Elijah Allen (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Slaton, Emer (26 AUG 1887-UNKNOWN)
Slaton, Possibly Bell (-)
Slaton, William Moses (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Catherine Naoma (--living--)
Smith, Jack (-)
Smith, Jim Claude (-)
Stanifer, Mack (-)
Steadman, Bessie Mae (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Steadman, Sallie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Still, Lottie Louise (-)
Stroope, William Hopson (-)
Suggs, Amanda Kaye (--living--)
Suggs, Dora Denise (-)
Suggs, Dora Denise (-)
Suggs, James Edward (-)
Suggs, James William (--living--)
Suggs, James William (--living--)
Suggs, John Edward (--living--)
Suggs, Linda L. (--living--)
Suggs, Richard Vaughan (--living--)
Suggs, Robert Darrel (--living--)
Suggs, Terry Edward (-)
Suggs, Terry Edward (-)
Sullivan, Homer Doris (-)

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