WALKER Surnames W

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Walker, Allen Vester (-)
Walker, Andy Lee (-)
Walker, Asa Clarence (--living--)
Walker, Bryan Ray (--living--)
Walker, Charles Bevil (--living--)
Walker, Charles Bevil (-)
Walker, Charlotte Sue (--living--)
Walker, David (-)
Walker, Ella (1869-1918)
Walker, Ernest (ABT. 1910-ABT. 1910)
Walker, Foy Brunse (--living--)
Walker, Gary Wilborn (--living--)
Walker, Henry Richie (-)
Walker, Jacqueline (--living--)
Walker, James Asa (10 APR 1872-15 NOV 1929)
Walker, James D (1874-)
Walker, James D (UNKNOWN-1881)
Walker, James Fredrick (-)
Walker, James Henry (--living--)
Walker, Jewel Leona (20 APR 1908-9 JAN 1998)
Walker, L Murry (-)
Walker, Lonnie Bruns (-)
Walker, Manevy A (1862-)
Walker, Mary Nelwyn (--living--)
Walker, Minnie Helen (--living--)
Walker, Noah (UNKNOWN-1842)
Walker, Robert (-)
Walker, Shirley Roselle (--living--)
Walker, Wesley (MAR 1876-1972)
Walker, William (-)
Walker, William Boyd (--living--)
Wallace, Tabotha Caroline (3 OCT 1845-8 APR 1939)
Whipple, Lloyd (-)
White, Larry E (UNKNOWN-)
Williams, Agnus (-)
Williams, Carol Ann (NOV 1946-DEC 1946)
Williams, Dorothy Mae (--living--)
Williams, Elizabeth (-)
Williams, Holmes A. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, John Richard (--living--)
Williams, Jonathan Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Kirby (-)
Williams, Mary Alice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Norris Luther (-)
Williams, Sue (-)
Williams, Sybil (-)
Wilson, Bobby (-)
Wilson, Crystal (-)
Wilson, Gordon (-)
Wylie, Janet (-)

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