WALKER Surnames A

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Abernathy, Gary H. (-)
Abkin, Ann (-)
Allen, Newton Isaac (ABT 1865-)
ALLEY, Francis M. (ABT 1848-)
ALLEY, James H. Twin (May 1850-)
ALLEY, Job (1812-)
ALLEY, Lucinda (1845-)
ALLEY, Mary J. (1840-)
ALLEY, Phoebe A. (1837-)
ALLEY, Sariah or Sarah W. (1843-)
ALLEY, Susan Twin (May 1850-)
ALLEY, William N. (1842-)
Aragon, Micheal Albert (-)
Aragon, Taylor Nicole (-)
Avila, Joseph (-)
Avila, Marianne (-)
Avila, Phillip (-)

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