William Avery WALKER Surnames

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Barnes(4), Bartsche(1), Blackwell(1), Blair(2), Bradley(1), Brisbin(15), Butler(4), Carver(2), Curd(1), Dasher(1), Dull(1), Ferrer-Westrop(1), Finney(1), Foreman(1), Glover(1), Gruber(1), Halbert(2), Holden(2), Jamison(6), Jennings(1), Kemmerer(2), Magdalene(1), Miller(3), Moore(3), Murphy(1), Paxton(14), Pound(1), Quigg(32), Raney(1), Rankin(1), Ratliff(1), Richardson(1), Rose(2), Sanders(1), Schmidt(1), Sherman(1), Sigel(1), Simonton(1), Thornton(2), Tilford(2), Tillery(1), Walker(55), Wallace(1), Whetstone(5), Whittington(1), Williams(3), (1), (Aynes?)(1)

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