William G. WALKER Index for surnames beginning with C

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Chain, Rex Arlie (-UNKNOWN)
Chain, Velma Lawana (Private-)
Cheek, Ladona Rose (Private-)
Clanton, Ethan Price (Private-)
Clanton, Jason Price (Private-)
Cleere, Alandra (Private-)
Cleere, Cassandra Jo (Private-)
Cleere, Fredeck (Private-)
Climer, Michael Justin (Private-)
Climer, Monte Joe (Private-)
Clutter, Johnny Dean (Private-)
Cockrell, Kristina LeAnn (Private-)
Cole, Chase Leroy (Private-)
Cole, Kirk Samuel (Private-)
Cole, Travis Mitchell (Private-)
Cook, Joseph (Private-)
Cooper, Cranford (4 JUL 1923-MAY 1988)
Cummins, April (Private-)
Cummins, Charles 'Chuck' (Private-)
Cummins, Deborah (Private-)
Cummins, Stephen (Private-)
Cummins, Teresa 'Terry' (Private-)
Curran, Anna Marie (Private-)
Custar, Alfred "A.P." Paul (Private-)
Custar, Amy Jo (Private-)
Custar, Ashley Nicole (Private-)
Custar, Beau Keaton (Private-)
Custar, Benjamin Wilson (Private-)
Custar, Cameron (Private-)
Custar, Dala Jean (Private-)
Custar, Daniel (Private-)
Custar, Daniel Fulton (11 JAN 1893-3 NOV 1976)
Custar, Danny Wayne (Private-)
Custar, David Eugene (Private-)
Custar, Davita Ann (Private-)
Custar, Donald Gene (Private-)
Custar, Heather (Private-)
Custar, Helen Louise (Private-)
Custar, Jamie (Private-)
Custar, Jerald 'Jay' Daniel Jr. (Private-)
Custar, Jerald Daniel (Private-)
Custar, Jeremiah Wayne (Private-)
Custar, Joshua Daniel (Private-)
Custar, Josiah David (Private-)
Custar, Justin Dean (Private-)
Custar, Malinda (Private-)
Custar, Oscar 'Sonny' David Jr. (Private-)
Custar, Oscar David (Private-)
Custar, Paul Abraham (Private-)
Custar, Paula Elaine (Private-)
Custar, Pauline (Private-)
Custar, Ricky Kelvin (Private-)
Custar, Scott Lance (Private-)
Custar, Shea Vivian (Private-)

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