William G. WALKER Index for surnames beginning with D

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Dallas, (Private-)
Davis, Al (-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Alexandria Sue (Private-)
Davis, Allen Neal (Private-)
Davis, Billy Ray (Private-)
Davis, Bobby Keith (Private-)
Davis, Bobby Neal (Private-)
Davis, Brooke Nicole (Private-)
Davis, Chad (Private-)
Davis, Charles (Private-)
Davis, Cindy (Private-)
Davis, David W. (Private-)
Davis, Dearl Mack (Private-)
Davis, Dearl Mack (Little Mack) (Private-)
Davis, Diane (Private-)
Davis, Dianna Kay (Private-)
Davis, Edith Charlene (Private-)
Davis, Glen (Private-)
Davis, Harley Herschel (20 AUG 1910-27 AUG 1986)
Davis, Harold Wayne (Private-)
Davis, Janetta May (Private-)
Davis, Jaretta Fay (Private-)
Davis, Jeffery Ray (Private-)
Davis, Lana Kay (Private-)
Davis, Lauren Ashley (Private-)
Davis, Linda Joyce (Private-)
Davis, Martha (2 FEB 1890-3 MAR 1966)
Davis, Marvin Herschel (Private-)
Davis, Patrick (Private-)
Davis, Rachael (Private-)
Davis, Ray (8 AUG 1910-1 MAY 1949)
Davis, Rex (Private-)
Davis, Richard Eugene (Private-)
Davis, Richard Eugene II (Private-)
Davis, Richard W. (Private-)
Davis, Ronald Charles (Private-)
Davis, Sharrie Jo (14 SEP 1961-28 NOV 1976)
Davis, Stephen Douglas (Private-)
Davis, Timothy Charles (Private-)
Davis, William Lucian (17 SEP 1911-31 AUG 1970)
Deloys, Ruby (Private-)
DeWitt, Jordan Morgan (Private-)
DeWitt, Tevin Alexander (Private-)
DeWitt, Tyson (Private-)
Dotson, Zanna (Private-)
Douglas, Amanda Michelle (Private-)
Douglas, Eddie Craig (Private-)
Drake, Hazel Louise (Private-)
Drake, Helen Marie (Private-)
Drake, Hubert (14 FEB 1928-1 JUN 1995)
Drake, Kimbuck (24 SEP 1901-26 JAN 1985)
Drake, Lilley (Anna) Mae (Private-)
Drake, Mary Ruth (5 SEP 1934-12 OCT 1978)
Drake, Melba (Meb) Jean (Private-)
Drake, Rebecca Ruth (Private-)
Drake, Richard Anthony (Private-)
Duke, Bryan (2 FEB 1926-24 MAY 1972)

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