William G. WALKER Index for surnames beginning with G

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Garcia, Mary Jane (Private-)
Gil, Sofia Taniel (Private-)
Goodson, Vinnie Pearl (Private-)
Grant, ? (Private-)
Grant, Clinton Morrow (2 APR 1901-3 MAY 1970)
Grant, Earl Glen (Private-)
Grant, Infant Twin (Private-)
Grant, Margie (Private-)
Grant, Marion (Private-)
Grant, Willie Leon (7 OCT 1923-13 AUG 1955)
Gray, Sheldon Larue (Private-)
Green, Alvin Eugene (Private-)
Green, Cheryl Caye (Private-)
Griffith, Delois (Private-)
Griffith, Janell (Private-)
Griffith, Johnny (Private-)
Griffith, S.E. (-UNKNOWN)
Grissom, Matthew Charles Stanley (Private-)
Grissom, Steven Keith (Private-)
Gritters, Casey Dennise (Private-)
Gritters, Edward Allen (Private-)
Gritters, Emily Grace (Private-)
Gritters, Mollie Ellen (Private-)

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