William G. WALKER Index for surnames beginning with H

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Hampton, Wilbur (-UNKNOWN)
Hanauer, Hannelore (Private-)
Hardage, Amanda Paralee (1834-NOV 1869)
Hardage, Barbara Ann (Private-)
Hardage-Wilkins, James (Private-)
Hardage-Wilkins, Rebecca (Private-)
Harrison, Billie Ruth (Private-)
Hart, Brian Dennis (Private-)
Hart, Jeremy Ross (Private-)
Hart, Joshua Ian (Private-)
Hastings, Douglas Edward (Private-)
Hatch, Evelyn (Private-)
Hayslip, James Walton (20 FEB 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hegel, Alaina Rae (Private-)
Hegel, Craig Douglas (Private-)
Henley, Olivia Lucille (Private-)
Hennington, Georgia Belle (Private-)
Henshaw, April Dawn (Private-)
Henshaw, Jennifer (Private-)
Henshaw, Lincoln Julius (2 MAY 1927-13 SEP 1988)
Henshaw, Phillip Ray (Private-)
Henshaw, Thelma Elaine (Private-)
Hiel, Julie (Private-)
Highstorm, Janice (Private-)
Hill, Alyssa Danielle (Private-)
Hill, Barton Dean (Private-)
Hill, Breton David (Private-)
Hill, Edward Albert (20 MAR 1909-28 DEC 1983)
Hill, Justin Patrick (Private-)
Hill, Marnie Christine (Private-)
Hill, Son (-UNKNOWN)
Hill, William Dean (Private-)
Hooper, Rick (Private-)
Hopkins, Frank (Private-)
Hopkins, Franklin (Private-)
Hopkins, Linda (Private-)
Hulse, Freda Joan (-1 JUN 1996)
Hutchison, Andrew (Private-)
Hutchison, Freddie (Private-)
Hutchison, Gertrude C. (ABT. 1903-UNKNOWN)
Hutchison, Ollie (ABT. 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hutchison, Ted (Private-)
Hutchison, Willie A. (ABT. 1905-UNKNOWN)

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