William G. WALKER Index for surnames beginning with S

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Sageser, Charles (Private-)
Sageser, Deborah Lynn (Private-)
Sageser, Lawana Gay (Private-)
Sageser, Teena Louise (Private-)
Saintignan, Cody (Private-)
Saintignan, Harold Baker (Private-)
Saintignan, Nicholas Chase (Private-)
Scholl, Kathy Rae (Private-)
Sears, Delpha Sue (Private-)
Serranto, Samantha Enadena (Private-)
Sharp, Zola Marie (21 FEB 1914-28 OCT 1979)
Sims, Ruby (22 NOV 1911-6 DEC 1999)
Smith, (Private-)
Smith, (Private-)
Smith, (Private-)
Smith, Debra (Debbie) L. (Private-)
Smith, Jane (Private-)
Snyder, Malinda Estelle (Private-)
Spargo, Steve (Private-)
Spurling, Susan (ABT. 1838-UNKNOWN)
Steele, Patrick (Private-)
Stockton, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Karen (Private-)
Susan, wife of Glen (Private-)
Swainson, Joshua Wayne (Private-)
Swainson, Justin Michael (Private-)
Swainson, Ronald (Private-)
Swainson, Tyler (Private-)
Swainson, Zachary Stephen (Private-)

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