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Wagnon, Margaret (1804-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Adam Wayne (Private-)
Walker, Amanda (Maud or Mandie) (1875-1949)
Walker, Arrie (BET. 1880 - 1888-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Bailis E. (ABT. 1829-12 SEP 1857)
Walker, Beatrice Claudette (Private-)
Walker, Bertha (Private-)
Walker, Bertha (Private-)
Walker, Bertha Mae (21 DEC 1909-2 DEC 1998)
Walker, Billy Hugh (Private-)
Walker, Brandon Neal (Private-)
Walker, Brandon Russell (Private-)
Walker, Brian O'Neal (Private-)
Walker, Brieanna Kay (2 NOV 1988-22 JAN 1989)
Walker, Cadder (Caddie) Elizabeth (16 MAR 1883-15 JUL 1951)
Walker, Caleb Joseph (Private-)
Walker, Carie Dennise (Private-)
Walker, Caroline (ABT. 1836-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Caroline (ABT. 1855-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Cay E. (1891-29 SEP 1973)
Walker, Cecil (ABT. 1906-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Charles Russell (Private-)
Walker, Charlie Leon (Private-)
Walker, Charlie Monroe (30 MAR 1889-9 JUL 1956)
Walker, Clara (12 JUN 1908-1 JUN 1974)
Walker, Clarence Raymond (Private-)
Walker, Clarence Wilson (Private-)
Walker, Claude Howard (12 JUL 1900-9 JUL 1974)
Walker, Clayton Earl Edward (Private-)
Walker, Crystal Lynn (Private-)
Walker, Curtis Wade (Private-)
Walker, Daniel Bryson (Private-)
Walker, David Earl (Private-)
Walker, Delbert O'Neal (Private-)
Walker, Dennis Ray (25 AUG 1938-21 AUG 1968)
Walker, Dixie Naomi (29 OCT 1914-11 FEB 1990)
Walker, Donnie Gene (Private-)
Walker, Dorothy (Private-)
Walker, Dorothy Elizabeth (Durch) (Private-)
Walker, Dovie H. (Private-)
Walker, Doyle Hansel Jr. (Private-)
Walker, Doyle Hansel Sr. (Private-)
Walker, Earl Edward (Private-)
Walker, Eddie (12 JUL 1902-20 MAY 1920)
Walker, Edith (Private-)
Walker, Edith (-12 MAY 2000)
Walker, Elizabeth Ann (Beth) (Private-)
Walker, Floda Mae (Private-)
Walker, Floyd (Private-)
Walker, Floyd (Private-)
Walker, Fred (ABT. 1899-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Garland Lee (8 JAN 1880-8 FEB 1967)
Walker, Gary Monroe (Private-)
Walker, Grady (16 SEP 1904-JUN 1985)
Walker, Hannah Marie (Private-)
Walker, Haskell Brett (Private-)
Walker, Haskell Wayne (Private-)
Walker, Huey Pearce (Private-)
Walker, Ila (Private-)
Walker, Ishmael "Ish" (5 SEP 1913-8 JAN 1978)
Walker, J. C. (Private-)
Walker, James Doyle (Private-)
Walker, Jason Monroe (Private-)
Walker, Jay Christopher (Private-)
Walker, Jimmy Allen (Private-)
Walker, Jodie Doyle (Private-)
Walker, Jodie Monroe (12 SEP 1908-3 NOV 1988)
Walker, Joe (1894-UNKNOWN)
Walker, John (Private-)
Walker, John (ABT. 1841-UNKNOWN)
Walker, John Alexander (20 JUL 1884-9 FEB 1962)
Walker, John J. (ABT. 1854-UNKNOWN)
Walker, John Wiseman (11 JUL 1855-25 JUN 1933)
Walker, Johnnie Mae (Private-)
Walker, Joseph B. (1858-NOV 1927)
Walker, Joseph Darrin (Private-)
Walker, Joshua (Private-)
Walker, Kealey Marie (Private-)
Walker, Kelly Ann (Private-)
Walker, Krista Lynn (Private-)
Walker, Kyle Anthony (Private-)
Walker, Lavelle Anne (Private-)
Walker, Leslie Lee (Private-)
Walker, Linda Sue (Private-)
Walker, Lori (Private-)
Walker, Lorraine Joanne (Private-)
Walker, Louis W. (Private-)
Walker, Martha (ABT. 1834-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Mary (ABT. 1859-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Mary (Private-)
Walker, Mary Evelyn (Private-)
Walker, Michelle Leah Anne (Private-)
Walker, Mildred Lucille (30 JUL 1912-7 OCT 1989)
Walker, Modene V. (Private-)
Walker, Nathan Wade (Private-)
Walker, Nelda Joe (Private-)
Walker, Nettie Isabel (24 MAR 1914-28 JUN 1995)
Walker, O'Neal David (Private-)
Walker, Ollie (Private-)
Walker, Ollie Mae (Private-)
Walker, Peter (ABT. 1833-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Peter (1854-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Philip (1880-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Robert Charles (Private-)
Walker, Ryan Wade (Private-)
Walker, Samara Joy (Private-)
Walker, Sandra Gale (Private-)
Walker, Sarah Matilda (Tildie) (17 JUL 1879-15 JAN 1966)
Walker, Sean Michael (Private-)
Walker, Shealynn Gayle (Private-)
Walker, Sierra (Private-)
Walker, Stephany Nicole (Private-)
Walker, Stephen Russell (Private-)
Walker, Steven Darryl (Private-)
Walker, Sunday (Private-)
Walker, Sybil Marie (Private-)
Walker, Tabitha Catherine (Private-)
Walker, Tennie Adrene (21 AUG 1911-15 DEC 1966)
Walker, Tessa Christelle (Private-)
Walker, Timothy Doyle (Private-)
Walker, Trebor Don (Private-)
Walker, Troy James (Private-)
Walker, Troy Michael (Private-)
Walker, W. M. (1852-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Wanda Bell (10 MAR 1930-13 MAR 1930)
Walker, Warren Neal (Private-)
Walker, Wilburn Monroe (28 FEB 1934-7 NOV 1986)
Walker, William (ABT. 1839-UNKNOWN)
Walker, William G. (ABT. 1803-UNKNOWN)
Walker, William L. (EL) (15 JAN 1888-10 APR 1934)
Walker, Willie (JUN 1895-UNKNOWN)
Warwick, Jim W. (22 JUL 1916-1 MAY 1956)
Welch, Joseph T. (16 MAR 1904-22 JAN 1984)
Wendy, (Private-)
White, Kathy (Private-)
Whitfield, Kyle (Private-)
Whitfield, Wayne (Private-)
Wilkins, Barbara Sue (4 JAN 1940-22 SEP 1982)
Wilkins, Dorothy Jo (Private-)
Wilkins, James Durwood (6 JUL 1935-2 JUL 1997)
Wilkins, James Lee (29 JUL 1908-22 AUG 1972)
Wilkins, Jay Dee (Private-)
Wilkins, Margaret Lavell (Private-)
Wilkins, Thelma Jean (28 JUL 1929-15 MAR 1995)
Williams, John Todd (Private-)
Williams, John Zeke Jr. (Private-)
Williams, Stefanie Nicole (Private-)
Wilson, Robyn Jo (Private-)
Wolf, Betty (Private-)
Woolsey, Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
Woolsey-Davis, Gracie (Private-)
Wright, Dustin (Private-)
Wright, Gilbert Delmar (Private-)
Wright, Michael (Private-)
Wright, Michael Jr. (Private-)

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