Kentucky WALKER Marriages

Ann Edmund MESSER 24 Feb 1834 Knox
Brice/Bryce Nancy BINGHAM 15 Jan 1832 Knox
Catherine Hezikiah ROBINSON 3 Sep 1822 Knox
Caty Jno. RICHARDS 15 Oct 1815 Knox
Christopher Elizabeth STEWART 3 Dec 1813 Knox
Edward Polly HOLCOMB 21 Jan 1819 Knox
James Hannah BARBOUR 8 Mar 1825 Knox
James Calhoun Catherine MARTIN 19 Mar 1861 Floyd
Jane Nasby MILLS 2 Oct 1865 Knox
Jane D. James SEARS 3 Dec 1812 Knox
John Anne PATTERSON 17 Nov 1831 Knox
John W. Sarah HAMMONDS (aka HAMMONS) 17 Aug 1865 Knox
John W. (Squirrel Man) Polly DEVERS 8 Mar 1818 Clay
Lucinda Henry MILLS 28 Apr 1857 Knox
Lucy Nelson BAKER 26 Nov 1856 Knox
Lydda Coleman CUMSTOCK 21 May 1821 Knox
Mahala George W. CRAWFORD 28 Apr 1836 Knox
Marion (Francis Marion, son of Brice WALKER) Lucretia MILLS 4 April 1857 Knox
Mary Moses GATLIFF 5 Sep 1803 Knox
Nathaniel Pegg GOODIN 31 Oct 1811 Knox
Pallace (Various spellings appear: Pallis, Pellis, Pellace, Pallas- - son of Brice WALKER) Talitha HINKLE 12 Sep 1854 Knox
Peter Barbara Ann FERGUSON 25 Nov 1785 Lincoln
Robert Louisa Jane LAWSON 25 Jul 1864 Knox
Roscoe M. Nellie R. BYUS 13 Sep 1949 Boyd
Sally (Sarah Ann) dau of Walter WALKER Cornelius TAYLOR (Cornelius Alexander TAYLOR) 10 Mar1814 Knox
William Rachel POTTER 9 Apr 1815 Knox
William R. Lydia SANDERS 29 Jan 1826 Bath
Knox County submissions by Joyce Taylor Collins, Oct 1998, and Bob Walker [LDS Film 851647 DAR]
Lincoln County submission by Wanda Bowlin Davis -
Boyd County submissions by Cathy Walker-Brubaker DEC 1998
Clay and Floyd County submission by Bob Walker
Bath County submission by Judith,, MAR 1999.


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