Tennessee WALKER Obituaries

Thomas Newton WALKER

June 1882 -- 1912-1914

Thomas Newton WALKER was born June 1882 in TN, died 1912-1914, TN. He married Synthia Clabough on 3 Dec 1901 in Sevier County, TN. Synthia Clabough was born 6 Jan 1882, in Sevier County, TN, died 13 April 1966. Thomas believed injured in mining accident, later died from those injuries. Children of T. N. and Synthia; Virgie Magretti, 1902, James Ernest, 1905, Oscar Lee, and William Thomas, all born in Sevier County, TN.

Thomas' father, James T. WALKER, was born 28 Jan 1857, died 14 April 1908 in TN. His mother, Paulina Ellen Quarrells, was born 1860, died 9 Jan 1921. Paulina was also known as P. Ellen and Lina. J. T. and P. E. were married 29 June 1877 in TN.

James T.'s father thought to be James Biggerstaff WALKER, mother Catherine Chilnett Burdett. J. B. WALKER born in NC, 9 Sept 1840, was Reverend.

J.B. WALKER's father thought to be Thomas WALKER born 28 August 1811, NC., died 11 May 1855 TN. He married Nancy Biggerstaff, born 1813, NC, on 12 Dec 1830 in Rutherford County, NC. Thomas reportedly had three other wives; Mary?, Sallie Blackwell, and Martha Proffit.

The father of Thomas thought to be John WALKER, born 1788 NC, died 1870, TN, m? recy? born 1794, VA, died 26 Jan 1876, TN. There is also supposed to be a brother, Jon Nathan WALKER who married Lavina/Lavinia Biggerstaff on 6 Feb 1862 in Rutherford County, NC. Father John Walker was bondsman for both Thomas and Johnathan.

James T. WALKER, father of Thomas Newton had two other children that I know about; William (Will) Walker and Nancy Catherine WALKER. James T. died on 14 April 1908 and Paulina on 18 Jan 1924. They are buried in Huskey Grove Cemetery in Sevier County, TN.

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