Alexander WALKER Will 1771

July 6, 1771

This day came before me John Maxwell, one of His Majesty's Justices of Peace for county aforesaid, John Wallace and his wife Mary Ann Wallace, Joseph Robinson and Jane Sprout, and made oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that the within writing hereunto adjoined contains the true last will of the within named Alexander Walker, dec's., as far as they know and believe, viz. "Alec," said Joseph Robinson, in the presence of John Wallace and his wife and Jane Sprout; "You are very low and it is unknown to either you or us whether you ever will be restored to health again or not, and I suppose it is necessary that you should dispose of what estate Providence has given you". "Yes, yes;" replied he, and immediately without any questions expressed himself in following manner: Five pounds to my brother's oldest son that lives in Carolina; five pounds to each of his two daughters, and five pounds to my sister Martha Mineely, and all the rest of my estate to my brother John (and the said John Wallace observed when he named his brother John and allowing the rest of the estate to him, he the deceased Alex. Walker raised his hand and pointed it toward him); he the said Alexander Walker appearing to be of perfect sound mind and memory and every way sensible, and sat on the bedside half an hour later unsupported by any person", etc. Signed and sworn to by the above named deponents, July 6, 1771.


Joseph Robinson, John Wallace, Mary Ann Wallace and Jane Sprout.

The will was proved on motion of John Walker, Admstr. with John Maxwell and James McGavock. Will Bk I., Page 7.

Copied from records at Fincastle
Contributed by Louis A. Burgess


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