Will of David Walker Sr.

Goochland County, Virginia

Filed Feb 15, 1773

Goochland DB 10 pg. 435-7 Feb 15, 1773/May 16, 1774:

Will of David Walker Sr

"I David Walker Senior of Goochland County considering my old age and the uncertainty of life; being of sound...memory; in order to do justice to all my relatives and prevent disputes in the division of my estate after by decease... do make and ordain this as my Last Will and Testament. I commit my Soul into ye hand of my merciful God and Saviour, beggin y..he will pardon all my sins and save me, through ye Merits of Jesus Christ my only Redemer.

I also order my body to be decently interred in my own burying place; and a sermon to be preached at my funeral by the Minister of this parish, whoever he may then be.

I give to my daughter Susannah Woodson 20 pounds to her and her heirs forever.
I give to my son John Walker, 20 pounds allowed to him in part of payent of a negro fellow he got from me, valued at 50 pounds, the other 30 pounds balance, he is to account for to my executors as part of my estate.
I give to my son Peter Walker, 20 pounds besides what he has already got; togethter with my tract of land upon ye forks of ye Byrd in Albemarle County, containing four hundred acres, more or less, to him and his heirs forever.
I give to my son Joel Walker 15 pounds, together with the land and plantation, where I now live, to him and his heirs forever, and in case of his dying without heris of his own body, I order it then to be sold and ye price of it equally divided among all my children and their heirs.
I give to my daugher Elizabeth Thornhill 23 pounds besides what she has got already.
I give to my daugher Mary Perkins five pounds more than what she has got already; and also to her son Walker Perkins fifteen pounds.
I give to my daugher Judith Poor, twenty pounds allowed to her out of the thirdy pounds already paid to her husband Robert Poor, ye remaining, ballance of ten pounds, I give ye said Robert Poor, in conderation of trouble he may be a as one of my executors.
I give to Hope Lancaster my daughter five pounds besides what she has got already.
I give to my son Peter Walker, ten pounds besides what is appointed for him above in consideration of being one of my executors.
I appoint what after all the above mentioned Legacees are paid off wthen my beloved wife, Mary Walker shall have one third part of ye remainder of my estate by way of loan during her life, and at her decease that said third part shall be equally divided amoung all my children and their heirs.

I appoint that in case alny controversy shall arise among my relations concerning ye division of my estate, that in order to prevent lawsuits, each of the contending parties shall choose a man to whom aas arbitrators that matters shall be referred for final decision.l

I constitute an apoint my son Peter Walker and son in law Robet Poor exers of this my Last will and Testament writton on this and the preceding pages, revoking hereby all other wills by me formerly made.

In witness whereof I have hereuneto set my and and seal this fiftheent day of February 1773.

SIgned with a "W" David Walker and testes: Will Douglass, Richard Oglesby, Elisha Leek Val. Wood Clerk of Court

Submitted by: Barbara Good


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