Estate of Elijah Walker

Laurens County, South Carolina
September 1819

John Walker, Samuel Fifer and Nancy his wife, William South & Elizabeth, his wife, Elisha Walker, Robert Freeman & Polly his wife, orators and oratrices, show that Elijah Walker, late of Laurens District, departed his life intestate some time in September (1819) leaving a widow who is since dead and eleven children, to wit:

1. John Walker,
2. Agatha, wife of Daniel Ford, residing in Georgia,
3. Nancy, wife of Samuel Fifer,
4. Sally, wife of Harris Mitchell, residing in Alabama,
5. Elijah Walker, residing in Georgia, who hath conveyed his interest to John Walker,
6. Elizabeth, wife of William South,
7. Elisha Walker,,
8. Alphy Walker, a minor above the age of 14 years,
9. Polley, wife of Robert Freeman,
10. William Walker,
11. Charles Walker, (the last two) minors under the age of 14 years.

Decedent owned a tract of land in Laurens District on Reedy River, containing 250 acres, adjoining lands of John Parks, widow Elliott, Samuel Fifer, Timothy Swindle, Elijah Smith & John Mitchell. Orators pray that a Writ of Partition do issue and that a guardian appointed for said minor heirs.

Joint answer of John Walker, guardian of William Walker and Charles Walker, and Samuel Fifer, guardian of Alphy Walker, agreeing to partition (Filed 18 June 1822_).

Laurens Co., S.C. Washington District Court of Equity, pages 123a-126a.

Note: Elijah Walker's wife, Elizabeth Simmons Walker died prior to the filing of this instrument. They married in Henry Co., VA


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