Son of Col. John Walker


I, JACOB WALKER, of the County of Rutherfordton, state of North Carolina, being of sound mind but badly diseased do this fifth day of May in the year of our Lord 1842, make and publish this my Last Will and Testament revoking and setting aside all former wills and testaments by me made I first recommend my soul to God who gave it my body to the earth from whence it came and astounding my worldly estate I dispose bequeath and devise the same in the following manner.

I will and devise that my executors take charge of all my estates which I die in possession of and out of the same pay all of my just debts as soon as convenient. I will and devise unto my daughter HARRIET my two negro girls named Eliza and Clerosy and $150 in money.

I give and bequeath unto my daughters MARY, ELIZABETH, LILIA, and SARAH ANN $150 each more than their equal share. I also give to my son GEORGE the same amount above his equal part.

I will and desire that the balance of my estate be equally divided between my children namely JOHN, JAMES, JOSEPH, FELIX, STANHOPE, ANDREW and GEORGE. MARY, ELIZABETH, LILIA and SARAH ANN. I furthermore give in trust to my son FELIX all that shares and interest in my estate above bequeathed to my son JOSEPH to be given to him as my son FELIX may see that he needs the same. I furthermore will and devise if my son FELIX should desire I will and devise that my son STANHOPE be taken in trust the same in like manner as above mentioned. I furthermore will and devise that my daughters and my son GEORGE shall have support for one year out of the present crop now growing to be provided for by my executors.

I furthermore will and devise that my children that is yet single and are now living with me shall have all the beds and things pertaining to them to be equally divided among them. I furthermore will and devise what my sons divide my estate among them. If they can with convenience they shall pay to my daughters MARY, ELIZABETH, LILIA and SARAH ANN the lawful interest on their parts or portions. I furthermore will and devise if my executors think it best to sell my lands that they will provide a home for my daughters if desired by them. I further will and devise nominate and appoint my sons JOHN W. WALKER and JAMES M. WALKER my executors to this my last will and testament signed and acknowledged by this lister as the last will and testament this day mentioned in the presence of us.

James M. Miller
Jason McKinley
Matelida Mae Tiggins
Jos. M. Black

(Jason was scratched out and Jos. was added.)

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