Died in Elberton, Elbert County Georgia

[Elbert County Georgia]
17 Oct 1792

I Jeremiah Walker of the State of Georgia Elbert Co. Being afflicted in body, but of sound mind and memory, etc.

... I give to my wife Milly a negro man named Prince, also a negro woman named Rinah with Tom with Gloss her chn. Also a negro woman named Safford with Rachel and Peg her chn. her choice of a bed and furniture. Also a sorrel mare and saddle, a chest with drawers, a red trunk, also her dower of the third part of the land I bought of Hutson that part I devise to John Williams Walker in lew of all other dowry. Also Walkers Sermons, W. Roes Exercises, Cree, Poams, and Pilgrims Progress, also two cows and a heffer.

... I lend to my dtr. Polly Coleman, the first female child that negro Easther, Sally or Prudance shall have during her natural life and then divided between her three dtrs., Elizabeth, Narcissa, Melinda to them forever, I also give to Polly my black walnut table, part of my crockery, and a part of my books.

... I give to my son Henry Graves Walker 400 acres of land, being part of the land I bought from Robert Chambers (corners given). I give to my son Henry G. Walker a lot I bought in Petersburgh, also a negro girl named Agg, one feather bed and furniture, also a part of my books.

... I give to my son Memorable Walker 350 acres known as the Cabben land, which I have Coalsons bond for titles and my desire that the titles to be made to my son Memorable Walker. Also one negro boy named David and the first male child that either Sally or Prudance shall have, also one feather bed, and a part of the books.

... I give to my son Jeremiah 150 acres on the South side of Savannah River, being part of the tract of 700 acres bought from Chambers. Also 100 acres on the upper part of the island, also a negro boy named Tom, also a horse colt, one feather bed and part of my books.

... I give to my son James Sanders Walker 150 acres, joining my son Jeremiah land at the mouth of Spring Branch, also a negro named Saffer, a small horsecolt, one feather bed and furniture, a part of my books.

... I give to my son John Williams Walker 250 acres on the river below Sanders line, also 100 of the island, also one negro boy named Webster, one feather bed and furniture, also a part of my books.

... I give to my daughter Elizabeth what she has in possession already, and a share of my books, with what books she already has.

...I appoint my brother Sanders Walker and my friend James Tate Esq. The Executors. I desire that the tract of land of 622 acres I have on Brushey Creek, with negroes Tom, Sally and Prudance be hired out till my son John Williams Walker shall come of age. Whatever shall be left when John Williams Walker is of age shall be equally divided between my chn. Viz: Polly Coleman, Elizabeth Marshall, Henry Graves Walker, Memorable Walker, Jeremiah Walker, James Sanders Walker, John Williams Walker.

Dated 14 Sept. 1792.
Wit: William Tate, Richard Harvey, John Avren

Jeremiah Walker
Recorded 17 Oct. 1792


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