Died in Sumpter County, Georgia
From Chester District, South Carolina

[Sumter County, Georgia]
In the name of God, Amen.

I, Jeremiah Walker, Sr. of the County and state aforesaid, being of advanced age and In bad health, but of sound mind and disposing memory, praise be to God for it, and knowing that I must shortly depart from this world, I do therefore make and declare this my last will and Testament in the following manner.

Item 1st - I devise and direct my body be buried in a decent and Christian like manner suitable to my circumstances in life, my soul I trust to return to rest with God who gave it as I hope for eternal salvation through Jesus Christ my Savior.

Item 2nd - I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay, by my Executors herein after named.

Item 3rd - I desire that my beloved Daughter Mary Lewis (wife of Joseph Lewis) shall have my servant India after my death which is all that I design she shall receive from my estate.

Item 4th - I desire that my beloved wife Olive Walker shall have all the interest which vested in me by right of marriage in the estate of James Harp, late of Dooly County deceased, to use and dispose of in any manner that she may think proper.

Item 5th - I desire that all my property (except my negro India) including all my goods, chattels, Household and Kitchen furniture, stock of all kinds and the following lotts of land, viz. Lotts No. thirty five (35) and thirty seven (37) in the (28th) District of Sumter County and Lotts No. one hundred and thirty six (136) and No. one hundred and sixty seven (167) in the (15th) District of Sumter County, also Lott No (8) eight in the (11th) District of Dooly County to be Jointly and equally (viz) the profits, rents and incomes to be equally divided between my beloved wife Olive and our little son Elijah D. Walker during the natural life of my aforesaid wife and at her death all that she may have In possession of my estate shall go and be permanently vested in my son Elijah D. Walker for his own proper use and benefit. Provided furthermore If my wife after my death should marry, then in that event I desire that she shall have the sum of twelve hundred dollars out of the proceeds of the sale of my property, for in case she marries I desire all my property sold and the money (except the twelve hundred for my wife) to be placed at interest for the benefit of my son Elijah D. Walker, but on the contrary, shall my wife remain single during life then in that event I leave it optional with her, to sell or not as she may think best.

Item 6th - All of my other children has heretofore had a portion from my Estate,


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