Will of Thomas Reynolds WALKER

11 Apr 1788

In the name of God, Amen! I, Thomas Reynolds Walker, of the County of Prince Anne in Virginia, being of sound memory and calling to mind Mortality, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, Vizt. I give and bequeath to my son, Thomas Walker, one Bed and furniture, one Mare called Nancy and her Colt, one Negro named Isbel and her child Bob, to him and his Heirs forever. I give to my son George Reynolds Walker, one Bed and Furniture, one Mare called Pleasant, and one Negro, Lidia, to him and his Heirs forever. I give to my son, John Walker, one Bed and furniture, and Mare called Lady and her Colt, and Negro Pleasant and Child, also the Lott I bought of Capt. Jas. Kempe, at Kempesville, to him and his Heirs forever. I give to my son, Nathaniel
Walker, one Bed and furniture, a Horse called Jack and a Mare, Pheby, one Negro named Aliph, my Rifle, and family Watch, to him and his Heirs forever. I give to my daughter, Sarah Walker, one Bed and furniture, one Mare named Fair Rosamond and Negroes young Nan and Fanny to her, and her Heirs forever. I give to my sons, Thomas and George Reynolds Walker, the Land I now live on after my Wife's decease, between them according to division I have made giving my son Thomas his choise of parts, to them
and their Heirs forever. I leave part of the new granted and pattented Land being two thousand Acres and for which I have an Obligation of Messrs. Jno. Ackiss and George Kelly to make a right, to be Sold, as also the Island of Marsh, containing agreeable to my former purchase two hundred and Sixty three Acres, to pay my just debts, and the overplus if any to be equally divided between my Loving Wife and the above five Children. All the remainder of my Estate to my said loving Wife during her life and after that period to be divided equally among my aforsaid five Children and their Heirs forever. I leave my said Wife, Sarah Walker, Exe., and my son, Thomas Walker, Executor, to this my last Will,
revolking all other Wills by me heretofore made.

Witness my Hand and Seal this 29th Day of July 1786.
Thos. R. Walker (Seal)
Sealed and acknowledged before us _________________
At a Court Held for Princess Anne County the 11th day of April 1788. The above last Will and Testament of Thomas Reynolds Walker, dec'd was proved to be wholly Written by him by the Oath of Anthony Walker and Thomas Kempe, Gent., and Ordered to be Recorded, and on the Motion of Sarah Walker and Thomas Walker the Executrix and Executor therein named who made Oath and gave Bond with Security according to Law, Certificate is Granted them for Obtaining Probate there of in due from ____________
E.H. Moseley, Clk.

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