Will of Thomas WALKER

26 Jan 1715

Will of Thomas Walker of the County of Westmoreland in Virginia, being weak of body, dated 26 Jan. 1715 [1716].

To my son Thomas 30 acres out of that tract I bought of Richard Tidwell.
To my son George 100 acres out of the aforesaid tract.
To my son George a young horse called Smoaker.
To my son Edmund 100 acres out of that tract lieing by Peter Smith and one mare colt.
To my son Samuel 120 acres out of that tract by Peter Smith's.

To my loving wife Mary Walker the two Negroes I am now possessed with, with their future increase, and after her decease the Negro man to my son Thomas and his heirs and the Negro woman to my son George, George paying to my son Edmund 3000 pounds of tobacco in case the Negro woman shall have any increase after my wife's decease, they be equally divided among my daughters.

My son Thomas shall pay to my daughter Margery 2000 pounds of tobacco when she arrives to the age of 20 yeares.
To my daughter Anne one shilling sterling money.
To John Wright (grandson) one ewe lamb.
To Thomas Wright (grandson) one ewe lamb.
To James Walker (grandson) one ewe lamb.
To my daughter Mary one flock bed and furniture, a iron pott and a frying pann and one pewter dish and a young heifer two yeares old the next spring.
To my daughter Alice my schue bald mare and one young heifer two yeares old the next spring.
To my daughter Rachel one young heifer of two yeares old the next spring and one ewe.
To my loving wife the plantation I live upon for her natural life with all the stock of cattle, horses, mares, sheep and hoggs. After her decease I give the plantation I now live upon to my son Benjamin and his heires.
To my loving wife all my household goods.
My tooles to my three sons George, Edmund and Samuel to be equally divided.
To my two sons Samuel and Benja. my pistolls, holsters, sword and rapier.
To my son George a gunn commonly called his gunn and to my son Edmund a gunn commonly called Bayly.
My loving wife Mary Walker executrix.

Thomas (x) Walker

Wit: Samll. Damonvel, John Froud, George Bruce.

30 May 1716. Presented by Mary his relict and executrix. Proved by Samuel Damonvel

Submitted by Ed Teer/1998


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